Metal Work

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Current Work in Progress:


This piece started with the head and grew into quite a monster! I was looking at the two rods and saw how they looked like a dragon head. Then the body just came together. The wings are where most of the work is, each scale is an individual bracket welded together. But the effect is worth the work!

Wings are on! A few more finishing touches and he'll be done!


My flowers are my stress relief! I hammer each individual petal into shape. My welding instructors would say "she must have some stress to work out" whenever they would see me working on flowers. No two are ever alike.


These are my favorites to create! They seem to go together like magic! I never know for sure if they are balanced enough to spin in a breeze until I get them put together, but they always do! I love seeing them come alive with the first gust of wind!


Recently I have started making trophies with recycled car and motorcycle parts for car club events. Click on the picture below to be taken to my trophy page.